Perfect Lawns Made Easy

The main purpose of Lawn Dressing is to rejuvenate, initiate and invigorate new lawn growth, resulting in a visible improvement of your lawn. Lawn Dressing also improves the soil structure; ensuring lawn will perform better for the entire season. The Lawn Mix is a mix of Kraal Manure and Topsoil, so the Topsoil will also help to level existing lawn and to fill depressions and bare patches.

As a general rule Lawn Mix should be applied during Spring. Remember to remove weeds before the application of the Lawn Mix. Apply a suitable selective broadleaf herbicide allowing at least a week before mowing for the herbicide to act on the plant


How To Apply Lawn Dressing

Lower your lawnmower blades to the lowest notch and mow your lawn very short (about 1 – 2cm 

Scarify the lawn by raking with a metal rake or hard broom to remove any thatch (matted or dead material). This will ensure good penetration of water and product. Mow again to remove any persistent long shoots of thatch. Water very well.

Aerate your lawn with a garden fork, especially in areas of high traffic. This will help air, food and water to reach the roots of your grass more easily. Spiked lawn rollers are often available for rental from Tool Rental Shops. Water the area thoroughly beforehand. Apply Lawn Mix in small heaps all over the lawn and level it with the back of a rake. The blades of grass should still show through the dressing, so do not apply too thickly.

Keep well watered.

When planting new Instant Lawn, Lawn Dressing Mix can be applied after planting to fill up gaps and help with levelling.

Reminder : Buffalo grass, LM and all cool season lawns don't tolerate lawn dressing well.